How I continued to use my air conditioner successfully while it was leaking?

"Don't you just hate how trouble seems to find the most inappropriate time to happen? The problem is I knew it was time to do something about cleaning the air conditioner, considering its summer and the nights are warm and sometimes humid. But I was swarmed with a ton of work during the day - yeah we had a full-on week at work then. And by the time I came home every night, I was dead beat. Cleaning the air conditioner or even arranging for cleaning, which meant I had to take time off to wait at home for the air conditioner service & maintenance crew to come in, was the furthest thing from my mind. 


But as luck would have it on a summer night when it was 28°C and sticky humid, I was about to go to bed when I heard this dripping sound coming from the air conditioner in my room. I turned on the lights to investigate. Lo and behold, water was draining out from my split air conditioner. It was almost like pouring out rather than just gentle droplets. I had to act quickly to shut off the air conditioner. All my stuff below the air conditioner were wet. 


I really dreaded having to sleep without the air conditioner on a night like this. Tired, frustrated... so I did what everyone else did- opened up my facebook and vented all my @##$%#%%Sh%t there! Within 3 minutes of posting this on my facebook, there was a knock on my door. It was my neighbour who happened to be on his facebook at the time I was posting. He handed me a pouch and said "Here, just wear this over your air conditioner, turn it on again and go to bed."


I was dumbfounded. What luck! Someone up there must like me. Turns out the pouch he handed me was an air conditioner wash bag made by airconcare. This wash bag is designed to be worn over an ac blower unit on the wall to catch all the waste water while using their cleaning solution to spray and clean the cooling coils and fan rotor. It just so happened that my neighbour had bought a full kit planning to use the next day. But he thought of how it would helped me when he saw my post on facebook. Needless to say, I ended up have a really great night's sleep being really grateful for this good fortune. In the morning, the bag was full with about 2 litres of water but the floor beneath it was dry. The air conditioner continued to operate without much problem. 

I ended up ordering a few wash bags and a full kit from their online store that very morning. I continued to run my air conditioner every night this way day until the following week when things were a bit more in control. I just had to empty the wash bag every morning. Even then, that was really easy to do. I just held on to both sides of the elastic band, lift up the bag and allow the elastic band to snap free from over the ac and pour the waste water into my toilet bowl. A real life saver! 


I am very grateful for this product and for my neighbour who came to my aid when I needed it. "


- guest post from one of our customer who wished to remain anonymous.