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The Biggest Problem of Owning A Split Air Conditioner 

The split air conditioning unit is one of the most important inventions of the twentieth century, providing countless homes with comfort that otherwise was too costly or improbable. But with that great invention has come some problems, the most important of which is keeping the unit in good working order. Regular cleaning and servicing is required to keep a split aircon system working at peak performance, making it both cost-efficient and energy-efficient.

Unfortunately for homeowners, cleaning or servicing requires dismantling the unit and using extremely harsh chemicals, both of which are service jobs for a professional. This process can be costly and time-consuming. However, homeowners had no other choice...until now. With the invention of the AIRCONcare™ system, homeowners now have the option of cleaning their own split aircon unit effectively and at just a fraction of the cost of professional cleaning.
The Aircon Solution

In answer to the problem of how to get a clean aircon unit without spending a fortune, MacGyver Lab developed the AIRCONcare™ Kit, a corrosion-free chemical cleaning technology, that enables homeowners to achieve a high quality cleaning without hiring a professional. Before this revolutionary system, the only do-it-yourself products available were weak foam-based or solution-based chemical cleaners that fell short of providing the same clean you get from a professional.

Now homeowners can achieve a remarkably clean aircon unit with the cost-effective AIRCONcare™ Kit. Quick, easy and at a fraction of the cost, the AIRCONcare™ system is the service solution every aircon unit owner has been looking for.

Our company is now dedicated to championing this cause to change the way people are cleaning their ductless split mini air conditioners by providing the highest quality cleaning system to the average home owner while designing our products to be safe for human use.
Business Opportunities

While our manufacturing facilities are now based primarily in Australia, we have retail and warehouse presence or distributorships in various parts of the world like Australia, USA, Philippines and Malaysia. However, we are always constantly looking for partners who see the potential in bringing the AIRCONcare™ system line into their country. If you would like more information on bringing the AIRCONcare™ system to your country, please contact us using our contact form to find out how you may order from us.
Distributors, Sales Agents and Retail Outlets (Online & Physical)

We welcome you to explore working with us if you feel that there is a need or an opportunity for our products to be brought to your local areas. Contact us and let us know which role you would prefer and your current network or business you are in.



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