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Great Value

Had a WA company quote me $169 to clean my reverse cycle aircon. Told me to have it done yearly. Your kit worked very well, really happy with the result

AC Jet Wash Sprayer
Mark L. (Darwin, AU)
Great Kit

The kit worked easily without mess, the right sprayers are supplied... not too aggressive just right A+

Great product

AC Jet Wash Sprayer
NEVILLE T. (Adelaide, AU)

AC Jet Wash Sprayer

AC Jet Wash Sprayer
Melvin (Singapore, SG)
AC Jet Wash Sprayer

The high pressure water stream that it created, helps spray away the residues between the coils with ease. I'm glad to have brought this AC Jet Wash Sprayer.

Best Product Ever - Do Yourself a Favour - Get This Product - You Won't Regret It!

The safety of my family is paramount and air quality in the home is vital to getting through the QLD summer heat and humidity. I have been purchasing this product and using it for 3 years now. It is an extremely impressive product.
My house is clean and fresh after using it and it does not smell like the chemical-smelling ones that other companies use because it is made from organic citrus and I find the chemical ones give me a headache. It is really easy to use, I purchased the drain bag, and separately purchased a portable pressure washer (the pressure is likened to a full-on tap or hose so as to not damage the aircon. It is as easy as firstly switching off all power to the unit and removing the front cover to expose the inner workings of the aircon. I then place the bag around the aircon unit, spray the Organic Coil Cleaner onto the coils, (avoiding or covering up the electrical components with a towel), wait 10 -15 mins, then wash it off with the portable pressure washer. If you do not have a pressure washer, a 5ltr pump pressure sprayer from a hardware store that you would usually use for weed spraying or fertiliser spraying works really well too. Once you have fully rinsed the unit, coils, and fan cylinder, put your aircon on the fan or blow/dry function – that’s it - all done - and all without harsh nasty headache causing chemicals. I cannot recommend MacGyver Labs enough. Brilliant product!

Aircon coil cleaner

Product works ok , no instructions of how long to leave in if has to soak etc. Catcher bag good size.
Probably better to use product in a pump up type bottle so not having to squeeze trigger a million times.

We recommend leaving it for at least 10 mins.
The sprayer is for applying the AC Coil Cleaning Solution. For the rinsing step we do recommend either a pump action garden sprayer or the Jet Wash AC Sprayer that connects directly to your garden hose. Here's our full ac cleaning instructions:

Jet Wash AC Sprayer -

-The AIRCONcare Team

Really liked the product easy to use and the aircon smells so much better


Works perfectly. The rubbish that came out was black. First one took a while to do but once I had done one, the others took no time at all. Used the fast flow bags. Worked a treat.

AIRCONcare Air Conditioner Coil Cleaner for Both Home and Car Auto AC

Organic Multi-Pack AIRCONcare Coil Cleaner Concentrate Refills by MacGyver Lab?

product works well when used with warm water. Important to use a good spray unit and wash thoroughly for best results. Will be doing a second wash in a few weeks to see how well the first wash went.

Great job on older unit.

Very impressed with the job it has done on cleaning out our older system, it has made a huge difference to the quality of the air and the coolness.

As advertised.

I’ve done one out of four air-conditioners so far and can say that it is effortless to use. I think the trick is that when you use the water to rinse the air-conditioner, you have it on a fairly narrow nozzle and blast the mold off the fan. I can say that this air-conditioner has probably never been so clean in its life since it was bought

Air con cleaner

Delivery was very prompt and the product was very easy to use. I was surprised by the amount of dirt that came out of the unit

Eliminated Odor

Two minispits were giving off the terrible vinegary, smelly shoe odor which the local maintainence guy did not solve. I do not like using chemicals and after searching the web for products I decided on the Aircon organic. After the initial orange peel odor, the air is clean. Is there a recommendation oon how much water for rinsong?

Rinse until the waste water looks clean.

-The AIRCONcare Team

Very happy

Very happy, air-cons working better than before the cleaning.
Would recommend.

Great products

This is the second time of using this product. Very easy to use and does the job.
Only one problem, the plastic bag to catch the residues and liquid had a small hole where the self draining tube was attached.

Fast Drain Bag

Ive been using old type of AIRCON bag which due to change a new one , as this time the new version have improve such as add-on to fast drain and the button up to the rubber strip would be a good solution ,it will not torn off easily from the bag.
Overall is a great products, wish to see more such products bring into Singapore market.

Excellent kit

We have cleaned 3 of our split systems as well as our daughters and we love the ease of use. Works s described the only small problem we had, there was a tiny leak where the catchment bag joins the draining shoot on the large bag which we rectified. Definitely recommend this product both large and small. We have 4 more split systems to go. Product arrived well packaged and quickly.

Aircon Care review

All the products I ordered have worked well and I am happy with the end result. Saved a lot of money cleaning the units myself.

Works well and easy to use

Air con cleaner worked well cleaning pretty dirty units. Very easy to use. Will make it a regular program to make even easier. Saved $100’s

Such a great product!

Again and again these aircon cleaning solutions are SO GOOD! clean all our home units immaculately and the solution smells so good too!


I Purchased this kit because here in the USA we have nothing like it. It was super easy to use and did such a great job that I reordered more. I highly recommend this product!!

Organic Multi-Pack AIRCONcare Coil Cleaner Concentrate Refills by MacGyver Lab

Yes it works well.