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AIRCONcare AC Cleaning Kit

Professional Quality Ductless Split Air Conditioner Cleaning Made Easy


4 Steps to a Clean Mould-Free Air Conditioner

Learn these 4 steps to clean your air conditioner like a professional

Step One - Wear On The Wash Bag


Step Two - Apply AIRCONcare Solution

AIRCONcare Cleaning Kit

The Ultimate Air Conditioner Cleaning System that rivals a professional AC Tech

AIRCONcare AC (Air Conditioner) Cleaning

Step Three - Flush With Water

AIRCONcare Cleaning Kit


So Simple Anyone Could Do It

Keeping Your Indoor Air Clean While Saving A Lot Money

Wash Your Air Conditioner

As frequently as you want without damaging it

Maximize Your AC Air Flow

Dirt on the Rotor Blades Could Severly Impact The Aero Dynamic Profile

IEQSA Certification

AIRCONcare Cleaning Solution

The AIRCONcare™ Cleaning Solution has been certified to the IEQSA (Indoor Environmental Quality Standards Australia) Standard 202 for heating ventilation and air conditioner (HVAC) maintenance which provides a robust benchmark for human safety in cleaning methodologies for air handling units (AHUs) of all general use applications.      


IEQSA Standard 202 for heating ventilation and air conditioner (HVAC) maintenance caters for a robust human safety benchmarking standard in cleaning methodologies for air handling units (AHUs) of all general use applications. 

AIRCONCare Cleaning TEchnology


Hydrophilic Air Conditioner Cleaning Solution

The way our solution works is it turns any surface it touches hydrophilic thus repelling any adhesive that is on it almost instantly. This then allows the organics (skin flakes), biofilm, and dirt to be washed away by the rinsing and flushing with water.


No Volatile Chemicals Left Behind

The AIRCONcare Cleaning Solution has been lab tested to be water soluble with NO Volatile Organics Compounds left behind after cleaning to be vaporized into the air flow.


Kills 99.99% of Legionella pneumophila Bacteria

Lab tested by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) against Legionella pneumophila Bacteria

Verified Buyers Testimonials by Yotpo

This product is well worth the money. It has done a great job on cleaning the aircon. I will be using it again and will be ordering the cleaner as needed. Very impressed.

Gail S.

This works incredibly well, especially on the plastic squirrel cage. The bag was well constructed with thick plastic and a nice, wide elastic band. I am sure it will last a long time. I needed a bit more cleaner than was recommended, and used a pump sprayer with water to rinse everything after soaking with the cleaner. The results were amazing. It was completely clean... Be warned, the runoff is pretty disgusting.

Scott M.

Excellent kit, very efficient removal of all the muck clogging up the AC, easy to use and improved the cooling and air flow, now no smell out of it. highly recommended.

Anthony Richardson

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