AC Jet-Wash Sprayer / Kitchen & Toilet Tap Adaptor (Hot Water)

AC Jet-Wash Sprayer / Kitchen & Toilet Tap Adaptor (Hot Water)

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AC Jet-Wash Sprayer 

This Jet Wash Sprayer is ideal for rinsing the Wall Air Conditioner after treatment with the AIRCONcare Cleaning Solution. The nozzle spray angle is adjustable from wide angle spray to a narrow strong spray. This Jet Wash Sprayer readily connects to any standard garden hose.  It can easily be connected to any household hot water supply which improves the effectiveness of the rinsing step.



Kitchen & Toilet Tap Adaptor (Hot Water)

Use this adaptor to connect the AC Jet Sprayer to your household tap in the kitchen or the toilet. This will provide the option of a Hot Water Jet Spray as well for your cleaning. 

With this setup, there is

  • No more manual pumping of the garden pressure bottle
  • No electricity needed
  • No heavy equipment to lug around

 Note: Garden hose not included.

 Fitting Note: May not fit well with Pope Connectors as their design are not standard. Holman and Nylex connectors are preferred.

WARNING: As with handling any hot water, please use appropriate protection such as gloves and other protective gear when handling hot water. 

Customer Reviews

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Josh R. (Brisbane, QLD)

AC Jet-Wash Sprayer / Kitchen & Toilet Tap Adaptor (Hot Water)

Andrew (Townsville, QLD)
Great product

Got the kit with a few extras, everything works great and very easy to setup. Watched the video to make sure I knew what I was doing and baaaaaaam all clean and fresh


The spray is great however the tap fittings don’t fit all taps as I found out but all good other than that small hiccup.

Lawrence T. (Brisbane, QLD)
It worked but messy

Hi the product worked but I did struggle to keep the seal completely closed off with the washer even after playing around with the water pressure. It could have just been my tap though.

We recommend draping a towel over the Hot Water Adaptor to prevent any accidental spray leaks creating a mess.

The AIRCONcare Team

Kai F. (Brisbane, QLD)
AC Jet sprayer washer

I feel this will make cleaning the air conditioner really easy

Lindsay C. (Perth, WA)
Flushing gun

Great product as described works well

Zoran K. (Adelaide, SA)

AC Jet-Wash Sprayer / Kitchen & Toilet Tap Adaptor (Hot Water)

Brett (Townsville, QLD)
AC Jet-Wash Sprayer

Good, longer spray nozzle tube to reach barrel fan would be an improvement

Rhonda G. (Sydney, NSW)
Tap adaptor is great

Used tap adaptor instead of hose from outside the windows and is so much easier..great idea!

Greg H. (Brisbane, QLD)

AC Jet-Wash Sprayer / Kitchen & Toilet Tap Adaptor (Hot Water)