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Organic Multi-Pack AIRCONcare Coil Cleaner Concentrate Refills by MacGyver Lab

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  • Contains Organic Cleaning Agents made from Orange and Citrus Fruits grown in Australia
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to store
  • Works even better than the Original AIRCONcare Coil Cleaner especially if mixed with warm or hot water.
  • Lower shipping cost

Each AIRCONcare Concentrate Coil Cleaner 50ml is to be mixed with 500ml of water. 

This solution are a biodegradable ‘super detergent’ that obliterates bacteria and biofilm on contact, without damaging your aircon unit.

Anti-Fungal / Anti Bacterial

It is specifically designed to be safe for the blue epoxy coating on cooling coils.
AIRCONcare™ has been tested in the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre and found to eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria that can be found in air conditioning systems and other wet cooling places.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
David M. (Brisbane, AU)

Everything was great

Jackie H. (Brisbane, AU)
Best Product Ever - Do Yourself a Favour - Get This Product - You Won't Regret It!

The safety of my family is paramount and air quality in the home is vital to getting through the QLD summer heat and humidity. I have been purchasing this product and using it for 3 years now. It is an extremely impressive product.
My house is clean and fresh after using it and it does not smell like the chemical-smelling ones that other companies use because it is made from organic citrus and I find the chemical ones give me a headache. It is really easy to use, I purchased the drain bag, and separately purchased a portable pressure washer (the pressure is likened to a full-on tap or hose so as to not damage the aircon. It is as easy as firstly switching off all power to the unit and removing the front cover to expose the inner workings of the aircon. I then place the bag around the aircon unit, spray the Organic Coil Cleaner onto the coils, (avoiding or covering up the electrical components with a towel), wait 10 -15 mins, then wash it off with the portable pressure washer. If you do not have a pressure washer, a 5ltr pump pressure sprayer from a hardware store that you would usually use for weed spraying or fertiliser spraying works really well too. Once you have fully rinsed the unit, coils, and fan cylinder, put your aircon on the fan or blow/dry function – that’s it - all done - and all without harsh nasty headache causing chemicals. I cannot recommend MacGyver Labs enough. Brilliant product!

Douglas H. (Brisbane, AU)
Organic Multi-Pack AIRCONcare Coil Cleaner Concentrate Refills by MacGyver Lab?

product works well when used with warm water. Important to use a good spray unit and wash thoroughly for best results. Will be doing a second wash in a few weeks to see how well the first wash went.

Sarah B. (Townsville, AU)
Such a great product!

Again and again these aircon cleaning solutions are SO GOOD! clean all our home units immaculately and the solution smells so good too!

Greg B. (Melbourne, AU)
Organic Multi-Pack AIRCONcare Coil Cleaner Concentrate Refills by MacGyver Lab

Yes it works well.

Brian M. (Melbourne, AU)
The best

We have been using this product for 3 years now, it hands down the best we have used.

Michael L.
Great AC Cleaner

Clean the AC unit well and leaves them smelling fresh. Have used this product for 4 years and always had great results and great support.

Terry M. (Brisbane, AU)
4 Pack Concentrate Coil Cleaner

Just finished another unit clean using the new concentrate formula.
Don't be fooled by its small size. It may be better than it's larger size relative.
Add some warm water to the mix then spray away the built up dirt and grime.
Wait 10-15 mins then start the rinse process.
Now you have a clean, nice smelling and efficient air conditioning unit.

CHNG K. (Singapore, SG)
So far so good

So far so good

Klaire D. (Adelaide CBD, AU)
Fast delivery & easy to

Fast delivery & easy to use and air cons are working amazing :grin:. Thanks beats the aircon man and something to do during isolation :grinning_face_with_one_large_and_one_small_eye::wink: