AIRCONcare Air Conditioner Wash Bag by MacGyver Lab AIRCONcare Air Conditioner Wash Bag by MacGyver Lab – AIRCONcarepro
AIRCONcare Air Conditioner Wash Bag by MacGyver Lab

AIRCONcare Air Conditioner Wash Bag by MacGyver Lab

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 The AIRCONcare™ Wash Bag is specially designed to attach to your air conditioning unit with a strong elastic band for fast and easy use. This allows for a secure fit not matter the type or model of air conditioner you are cleaning in a matter of seconds. The snug fit of the wash bag reduces leaks and allows for effective cleaning of the aircon unit. The Wash Bag allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of the AIRCONcare™ Kit, including:

New Fast-Drain Option available

Fast-Drain: Wash bag has a 30cm wide drain that allows very high flow of liquid into a bucket or some other waste catchment.  2 meter drain length needs to be trimmed to right.

Patented Fast-Snap Secure system enables wearing and removing the Wash Bag in seconds
No messy cleanup, simply empty the wash bag into a toilet and flush away
No disassembling the unit
No harsh chemicals, same great clean
Does NOT Scratch the wall
Holds up to 3 liters of waste water
10-15 repeated uses (when handled with the correct care)
Use of Wash Bag
  • Cleaning AC Fan Coil Units (Waste Water Catchment)
  • Allow Leaking Air Conditioners to operate (Emergency Mode)


How To Correctly Size Wash Bags
Measure Wall Air Conditioner Fan Coil Unit  (FCU) Length

Our Wash Bags come in two sizes.


Standard - FCU Length less than 950mm

Large - FCU Length from  950mm to 1500mm


To correctly size wash bags, measure the length of your fan coil unit to determine the right size you need.

Customer Reviews

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Denys C. (Perth, AU)
Great Value

Had a WA company quote me $169 to clean my reverse cycle aircon. Told me to have it done yearly. Your kit worked very well, really happy with the result

Lawrence B. (Sydney, AU)

Great product

Melinda B. (Brisbane, AU)

Works perfectly. The rubbish that came out was black. First one took a while to do but once I had done one, the others took no time at all. Used the fast flow bags. Worked a treat.

Michael L.S.Y. (Singapore, SG)
Fast Drain Bag

Ive been using old type of AIRCON bag which due to change a new one , as this time the new version have improve such as add-on to fast drain and the button up to the rubber strip would be a good solution ,it will not torn off easily from the bag.
Overall is a great products, wish to see more such products bring into Singapore market.

Clem F. (Darra, AU)
Great product, great service

Great product, great service

Linda W.
Great quality easy to use.

Had my air con cleaned professionally at home and decided to do the air con at our holiday home which is quite remote, This bag was great, I wish I'd taken some photos of the before and after results, the unit was filthy, it now works and looks like new.

Clay T.
Worked good fitted well.

Worked good fitted well.

carmine b. (Perth, AU)
work good

work good

Alan Y. (Brisbane, AU)
Good product, great design

Easy to use and great simple instruction

Dan O. (Brisbane, AU)
Great product

Great product