AIRCONcare Air Conditioner Cleaning Kit / Air Conditioner Cleaner for Split Ductless by MacGyver Lab

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The AIRCONcare™ Kit is designed to clean any Ductless Split Air Conditioner Wall Unit (FCU) without the hassle and danger of dismantling the unit. The secret to our system is in the cleaning solution which is a 'super-detergent' that effectively washes away all traces of biofilm without damaging the air conditioning unit at all. 

Our AIRCONcare cleaning solution is particularly effective in dislodging and dissolving bio-slime which is the "jelly substance" that tends to build up on your air conditioner cooling coils.

Anti-Fungal / Anti Bacterial

It is specifically designed to be safe for the blue epoxy coating on cooling coils.

The AIRCONcare™ Kit comes with everything that you need to thoroughly clean your aircon unit, including:



Turn OFF Power Before Cleaning Air Conditioner


How To Correctly Size Wash Bags

Each cleaning requires 500 ml per ac coil and fan blade. This kit can clean up to 4x air conditioner coils. The wash bag is reusable 10 - 15x when used with correct care.

Custom AC Cleaning Wash Bag (Drain Optional)
Fast-Snap Secure system enables wearing and removing the Wash Bag in seconds

New Fast-Drain Option available
Comes with Optional Fast-Drain™ - 30 cm wide polytube drain

Fast-Drain: Wash bag has a 30cm wide drain that allows very high flow of liquid into a bucket or some other waste catchment.  2 meter drain length needs to be trimmed to right.

No messy cleanup, simply empty the wash bag into a toilet and flush away
No disassembling the unit
No harsh chemicals, same great clean
Does NOT Scratch the wall
Holds up to 3 liters of waste water
10-15 repeated uses (when handled with the correct care)

Use of Wash Bag
  • Cleaning AC Fan Coil Units (Waste Water Catchment)
  • Allow Leaking Air Conditioners to operate (Emergency Mode)

* While you can use the long nozzle sprayer provided with our kit, we do suggest having a pressure garden sprayer to ease the rinsing step with fresh water. You should use as much fresh water as needed to flush out the dirt and bio-slime.




Our Wash Bags come in two sizes.


Standard - FCU Length less than 950mm

Large - FCU Length from  950mm to 1500mm


To correctly size wash bags, measure the length of your fan coil unit to determine the right size you need.


Customer Reviews

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Geoffrey M.(. (Melbourne, AU)

AIRCONcare Air Conditioner Cleaning Kit / Air Conditioner Cleaner for Split Ductless by MacGyver Lab

Mark H. (Adelaide, AU)
Worth every penny

Great product. Does everything claimed. Easy to use.

We verify this rating with Mark. He did not intend for this to be a 2 star rating. It is an error but his comments are valid.

The AIRCONcare Team

Steven B. (Adelaide, AU)
Air con cleaner

Messy hard job, but can NOT be done without the kit. Paying someone could be better option. You can save $200 by using kit but is time consuming.

Igor M. (Sydney, AU)
Number 1


Tellisa C.(. (Sydney, AU)
Fantastic aircon cleaner

I bought this for my daughter and myself. To clean our air conditioners. My daughter has used it and she said it is brilliant so easy to much better then her old cleaner and my daughter is a clean freak .we will buy more it’s that good

karl r.(. (Brisbane, AU)

Good product

Tom N. (Brisbane, AU)

AIRCONcare Air Conditioner Cleaning Kit / Air Conditioner Cleaner for Split Ductless by MacGyver Lab

Levi G. (Brisbane, AU)

AIRCONcare Air Conditioner Cleaning Kit / Air Conditioner Cleaner for Split Ductless by MacGyver Lab

Jenny B.(.
Happy Customer

Very happy with the results from cleaning my air conditioner with the great airconcarepro cleaner

Adrian H. (Pimpama, AU)
Very little instruction

It may seem easy enough but there was very little Instruction with the product. Also I learnt the hard way by wasting half a bottle of solution that you must undo the lid when not using as the pressure build up allows the gun to leak. So I o my got half done of what I needed to.

Hi Adrian, we do have warnings about potential siphoning loss on every sprayer. If you place the sprayer below the solution line or not disconnect the sprayer hose from the bottle when not in use siphoning could occur over time.
If you like we could send you a litre of replacement solution. You just have to help us by paying for postage. We will be in contact on just how to get this going.

Best regards,
The AIRCONcare Team