AC Coil Conditioner (ACCC)- 1 x 100ml

AC Coil Conditioner (ACCC)- 1 x 100ml

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Designed to ensure your air conditioner continues to perform at its best between professional cleanings, this product is an essential tool in maintaining an efficient, healthy cooling system. It boasts both antibacterial and antifungal properties to manage and inhibit the growth of bio-slime, which can adversely affect normal operations.

Key Features:

Enhances airflow for better performance.
Regulates bio-film accumulation, preventing build-up.
Sustains ideal AC performance between cleanings.
Delivers a fresh air scent during operation.
Infuses a citrus aroma, transforming your AC into an AIROMA-Therapy experience.
Improves coil surface wettability
The AC Coil Conditioner is a breakthrough product that improves thermal conductivity and heat transfer, enabling a quicker and more efficient cooling process. It expertly treats the coil surface to minimize surface tension and improve the flow of condensate water. In humid conditions, water accumulation in the fins can obstruct airflow; our conditioner effectively addresses this issue.

The cooling fins in your AC can create a meniscus due to the surface energy of the fins interacting with water condensate. This product works to reduce the surface energy, thereby preventing the formation of a meniscus and ensuring your air conditioner continues to operate at peak performance.

In addition to its numerous benefits, our AC Coil Conditioner works to modify the surface contact angle of your air conditioner's coil, significantly improving its surface wettability. Wettability refers to the extent to which a liquid can maintain contact with a solid surface - in this case, the coil of the air conditioner. By reducing the surface tension, the conditioner allows the condensate water to spread more evenly and readily across the coil.

This change in wettability enhances the coil's ability to facilitate heat transfer - a crucial element in the cooling process. As the contact between the cooling coil and the water vapor in the air increases, the coil can more effectively cool and condense the water vapor. This leads to more efficient dehumidification and cooling, increasing the overall performance of the air conditioner.

So not only does our AC Coil Conditioner provide a fresh, pleasant scent during operation, it also actively contributes to the efficiency of your air conditioner, promoting optimal function and longevity of the unit. This makes it an invaluable accessory for maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment in your home or workplace.

Customer Reviews

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Mick S.(. (Adelaide, AU)

Aaa+ seller


Excellent product and easy to use.

Russell P. (Melbourne, AU)

love the prodcts

K H. (Townsville, AU)
Great product. Makes the room smell nice

Applied this after using the AC cleaning products. Made the room smell nice afterwards

Kelly Y. (Kangaroo Point, AU)
I am not sure about this product

I applied this product to my air conditioners but I don't see any improvement yet.

Michael S. (Sydney, AU)
A/C coil conditioner

Used it on all my indoor units. Works well

Heather K. (Brisbane, AU)
Great Coil Conditioner

have only used it once and the emitting air is so much fresher

Katherine H. (Melbourne, AU)
Surprisingly easy to use and air is fresher

The kit came with all the essentials and instructions provided was clear. Customer Service personnel is also available through the chat online so its easy to get tips and help. Did not take as long as I thought it would and the air coming out after the cleaning is fresher.