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AC Coil Conditioner (ACCC)

AC Coil Conditioner (ACCC)

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This product is intended for use between air conditioner cleanings to keep your air conditioner operating at optimal conditions. It has anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties to control and prevent the bio-slime growth during normal operations.


  • Improves Air Conditioner Air Flow
  • Controls Bio-Film Build Up
  • Maintains Optimal AC Operations between Cleaning
  • Provides Fresh Air Scent during AC Operation.


The AC Coil Conditioner improves thermal conductivity and heat transfer to enable the airflow to become colder more easily. It does this by treating the surface of the coils to reduce surface tension and improves condensate flow. Typically condensate water buildup in the fins can reduce airflow especially under humid conditions.

Meniscus can be formed by the water condensate between cooling fins due to surface energy of the fins. Reducing that surface energy will prevent the meniscus from forming.