AIRCONcare ProTAB Cleaning Tablets and Complete Cleaning Kits

Product Summary:

The AIRCONcare™ ProTAB Cleaning Tablets and Complete Cleaning Kits offer an innovative, easy, and safe method to clean any Ductless Split Air Conditioner Wall Unit (FCU) without the need for disassembly.

The ProTAB Kit employs powdered tablets designed to function as a 'super-detergent' that thoroughly washes away all traces of biofilm, ensuring no harm comes to your air conditioning unit. To use, simply place a ProTAB tablet into the provided AC Jet Sprayer bottle attachment and connect the Jet Sprayer to a tap water source. For more effective cleaning, use the included Hot Water Adapter to access your household hot water.

The AIRCONcare™ cleaning solution, activated by the ProTAB, is particularly efficient at dislodging and dissolving bio-slime, a "jelly substance" that accumulates on your air conditioner cooling coils. This cleaning solution is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and it's specifically designed to be safe for the blue epoxy coating on cooling coils.

The AIRCONcare™ ProTAB Kit is comprehensive, coming with an AC Jet Sprayer (garden hose not included), a Hot Water Mixer Tap Mixer, six ProTAB tablets (enough to clean up to 6 air conditioners), and an optional wash bag available in standard or large sizes.

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