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AC Cleaning & Maintenance

 In answer to the problem of how to get a clean aircon unit without spending a fortune, MacGyver Lab developed the AIRCONcare™ Kit, a corrosion-free chemical cleaning technology, that enables homeowners to achieve a high quality air conditioner cleaning without hiring an AC professional. Before this revolutionary system, the only do-it-yourself products available were weak foam-based or solution-based chemical cleaners that fell short of providing the same clean you get from an AC professional.

The AIRCONcare™ system is a revolutionary way to care for your split air conditioning unit – without the costly and time-consuming process of hiring an air conditioner professional. Now you can clean your own air conditioning unit as often as you want. To keep your unit in top working order and make it as energy efficient as possible, you must make sure that your unit is cleaned properly. Before, that meant calling an air conditioner cleaning professional, waiting for them to work you into their schedule and then paying an outrageous amount of money for their maintenance services. Not anymore. With the invention of the AIRCONcare™ system, you now have the ability to clean your air conditioning unit as well as a maintenance service professional but without the hassle of dismantling and at a fraction of the cost.